Welcome to Crepe T.O. Your one stop destination for all your crepe desires, we're a gourmet Crepe house in the heart of downtown Toronto, offering our Torontonians the best quality of fresh Crepes with a wide variety of savoury and signature selections, using premium cut meats, freshly cut veggies, fruits, and gourmet toppings.

At Crepe T.O. we pride ourselves in perfecting the art of creperie, with our own unique concept which results in an exquisite product. Although we're a crepe house, but we're not your typical traditional creperie, we don't serve our crepes on a plate with utensils, every crepe comes in a custom designed holder for a Grab n Go purpose, or if you choose to dine in.

With our deep passion for the art of creperie, our love for food and perfection, you will have a second to none crepe experience with us, and that's what sets us apart from other crepe houses.

Experience Crepe T.O. for yourself, and fall in love with crepes once again, after all we're the masters of crepe making.



Crepe T.O.

52 Church St.

Toronto, ON M5C 3C8

(647) 352-5286

[email protected]